Morgan House
Grau General Contracting, LLC
2941 Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN 37214
This is a photo of the front view of Clover Bottom mansion.  The Italianate style is evident
in the heavy bracketed overhanging eaves, ornate trim and arched windows.
Years of neglect and weather
exposure are seen here with the
complete deterioration of the
wooden handrail balustrade.  The
deteriorated elements will be
replaced by newly fabricated
elements to match the original.
A piece of the carved wooden hood molding
on this arched window is missing and will
have to be replicated by hand in order to
restore the window to it's original condition.
In 1780, the Gower party, tending
Middle Tennessee's first cotton
and corn crop, were killed or
captured by Indians.  On nearby
Stone's River some flatboats were
built for Aaron Burr's abortive
expedition.  The famous match
races between Andrew Jackson's
"Truxton" and Captain Joe Erwin's
"Plowboy" were run on racetrack
in river bottom, 1805-06.
Clover Bottom Mansion was built in 1858 by
Dr. James Hoggatt on land inherited from
his father, Capt. John Hoggatt, a
Revolutionary War soldier, this is a fine
Italian villa style home that is centered in an
area of local historical significance.  John
Donelson settled early in this rich Stones
River bottom area, follwed by Andrew
Jackson, who married his daughter, Rachel.