Hauessler Cabin
Morgan House
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The Hermitage
"Home of President Andrew Jackson"
Historic pictures of
Alfred's Cabin
Alfred's Cabin
progress pictures taken
on 11/19/09
Alfred's Cabin
progress pictures taken
Alfred's Cabin
progress pictures taken
on 4/21/10
The First Hermitage Kitchen
& Farmhouse - 01
Hillsboro Presbyterian Church
The Hermitage - Home of Andrew Jackson
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Gallatin, TN
GGC's scope of work on the restoration of this historic building created a Tourist Information and Interpretive Center on
the Station Camp Greenway. The original log house which incorporates a single room building, built in 1787, that served
as the first Sumner County Courthouse. Andrew Jackson appeared at the courthouse in his role as Attorney General for
the Metro District. In the 1860s, four sons of Emma Douglass Clark fought for the Confederate Army in the Civil War.
Only one of the four Douglas men, Charles, survived the war. He was discharged after serving under the command of
Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Clover Bottom Mansion
Two Rivers Mansion - Nashville, TN