Morgan House
Grau General Contracting, LLC
Alfred's cabin at The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson
Built in 1841, this log cabin is one of the three remaining slave cabins still standing at The Hermitage.  This cabin,
located in the north yard of the Hermitage Mansion, was home to Alfred Jackson, a freed Jackson family slave who
lived at the cabin until his death in 1901.  He is buried in the Jackson family cemetery on The Hermitage grounds.  
Grau General Contracting was awarded the contract  to restore this log cabin as well as the other two remaining
slave cabins, The First Hermitage Farmhouse and First Hermitage Kitchen.  Restoration work on the cabins is to
include log repair, repair and replacement of chinking and daubing between the logs, and the repair and
replacement of wood shingle roof and the construction of some additional stone piers to support the log
structure.  We will be posting progress photos of the restoration as it occurs, so please check back in a few weeks.
Alfred and Buggy
Alfred in doorway
Alfred's cabin 2009 pre-restoration