Morgan House
Grau General Contracting, LLC
The Hermitage
Phase II - Repairs
These series of
photos show the site
work being done on
The Hermitage
project in preparation
for the new pathways,
planting beds, paved
areas and site
drainage.  Also
including the
construction of a new
well cover and
installation of a
handicapped ramp.  
GGC will also be
relocating and
reinstalling handrails
at exterior steps.  
GGC's experience in
Historic Preservation
is key on this exciting
new project.
Phase II Repairs at The Hermitage - the Home of
President Andrew Jackson, is located in Nashville,
Tennessee.  Constructed in 1821 with additions and
renovations in 1831 and 1836, the property is a
National Historic Landmark.  You can refer to this
project on their website at
for additional information on this historic site.
Grau General Contracting removed the non-historic brick sidewalks and the concrete bed underneath.  We
installed new brick paver sidewalks, new french drains around the stone foundation and a new pervious
concrete pathway.  Pervious concrete allows water to seep through and into a gravel bed below, thus preventing
the run-off of surface water from creating problems around the original stone used in the foundation of the