Morgan House
Grau General Contracting, LLC
Historic Hodge House in Warner Park

Built in the early 1790's this log and timber frame structure is the oldest known building in the
Warner Park system in Metro Davidson Country.  Over the years the building sustained heavy
termite damage and had lost much of the structural integrity of the original logs and timbers and
had become a liability.  In order to repair the damage, the building had to be stabilized, and
completely dismantled piece by piece, down to the ground while saving as many of the official
historic elements as possible.
After disassembly, the house was reconstructed using the structurally sound original elements and the damaged
elements were replaced with salvaged vintage materials of like size, species and era.  The building was reconstructed
using old family photographs and photographs we took during the dismantling phase.  The scope of work included:  
demolition, footings, foundation, chimney reconstruction, stonework, log repair and replacement, framing, chinking and
daubing, restoration and replication of historic windows and doors, historic and reclaimed wood flooring, interior trim,
fabrication of handrails and cedar decking, insulation, electrical, metal roofing, drywall and painting.
Historic Hodge house exterior before restoration
Historic Hodge house exterior after restoration
Placing log at Hodge house during restack of log cabin
Hodge house log restack in progress
Early stages of log restack at Hodge House
Taking gable down at Hodge house
Installing metal roof at Hodge House
Hodge house front porch with siding installed
View of fireplace in Hodge house addition
View of logs and fireplace in log cabin portion of Hodge House