Morgan House
Grau General Contracting, LLC
This project involved dismantling this circa early 1800's log cabin.   Then we built a new
foundation and floor system.  During re-erection we made necessary repairs and built a
timber frame addition to provide more living space.
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Originally built on piles of stacked
rocks, we dismantled the cabin so
that a new and solid foundation
could be built and the cabin
re-erected with damaged logs
being removed and replaced.
so that they may be put back in their original position
during re-erection.  The stone chimneys will be
restored and the cabin rebuilt around them.
A new sound
foundation is laid
and the floor
system installed so
that re-erection of
the cabin may
The cabin has been
re-erected with a new
roof system with a metal
roof and a timbered
front porch is in the final
stages of completion.