Morgan House
Grau General Contracting, LLC
Two Rivers Mansion
~ East Elevation Renovations ~
progress page
Here are some of the first photos of
the color scheme to be employed for
this restoration.  These colors were
identified in a paint analysis that was
performed in 1974 by the National
Park Service.  It was determined
through chemical analysis that these
colors were used in 1870 when the
Mansion was first repainted after the
initial construction in 1859.
The photo (above right) shows
column repair in progress.
(Above) Photos show much of the trim on the upper cornice overhang has been chemically stripped to
remove years of lead based paint.  Damaged trim will be replicated and replaced and 70% of the original
trim will be restored and re-installed.
Here is a before (left) photo of water damage that occurred
behind the carved wooden corbels.  (Above) shows the
repaired damage.  The repair was completed using
This arched window (above left) has been restored and a coat of primer applied.  The carvings at the top
of the round columns were replicated using the originals as a model. The originals were too deteriorated
to re-install.  Severe weathering had destroyed most of the fine architectural details.  The photo (above
right) is the finished coat of paint being applied.  The arched window sashes will also be painted.
The series of photos (above & right) show the on-going
column and porch repairs.
This photo (above left) shows the arched recessed panel
was extremely deteriorated and was re-built replacing only
the water damaged elements.