Morgan House
Grau General Contracting, LLC
Two Rivers Mansion ~ East Elevation Renovations
~ progress page
These carved wooden
corbels (right) have
been restored and
re-installed.  The nails
you see between the
corbels are part of a
cast iron flower that
has been removed for
Some of the newly fabricated column trim pictured here (left) is being
reinstalled.  The grey paint color is primer that has been applied to
the raw wood at the mitered cut joints.  Priming these cuts will
prevent the wood grain from absorbing moisture in the future.
The bottoms of these
column frames (right)
were soft and
deteriorated from
years of exposure to
the elements.  Only the
damaged areas were
removed and new
patches fabricated
using vintage poplar
This is the newly restored cornice
(left)  with a finished coat of paint.  
The bracketed corbels were
replicated to replace the originals
that were too damaged for re-use.
Here are some "before "
photos taken prior to the
restoration work.
Here are photos (right and below)
of the South elevation veranda,
fully restored and painted.  The
porch posts were repaired, water
damaged porch framing replaced,
new handrails and balusters
fabricated and installed, new
wood decking and new column
trim fabricated and installed and
the paint scheme from 1870
applied to all the finished product.