Morgan House
Grau General Contracting, LLC
Restored Corbels
Two Rivers Mansion
Restored Cornice
We removed these original double
corbels and chemically stripped the
multiple layers of lead based paint down
to the bare wood surface.  The corbels
were then restored by replacing missing
pieces and parts and then primed with
two coats of primer and caulking, prior to
their re-installation.  The large crown
molding (above) received the same
treatment.  They are now ready for the
finished coats of paint.
These photos show one section
of the upper cornice that has
been completely restored and is
ready for the finish coats of
paint.  Approximately 15 - 20
coats of lead based paint were
removed from all of the trim
elements.  The original wood
was restored using wood filler
and wood hardener and
re-installed in it's original
position on the Mansion,

hopefully to last another
160 years!