Morgan House
Grau General Contracting, LLC
Two Rivers Mansion
South Elevation Phase
These photos show the beautiful arched double
window on the second story was extremely
deteriorated.  The window was leaking water and
the paint covering the wooden elements had
become cracked allowing water to penetrate the
wood causing damage to the round wood columns
and carved capitals as well as the double arch.  The
paint was removed and new capitals carved to
replace the originals.  New trim was fabricated and
installed where necessary and the window sashes
were removed and replicated.  The original leaded
glass was removed from the deteriorated sashes
and installed in the newly fabricated sashes.  New
copper flashing was installed over the wooden arch
to protect the new work from water penetration.
The photos above show the large elegant veranda had serious structural issues when we began the restoration.

Facing southwest, the two story porch had taken the brunt of years prevailing wind and rain.  The large wooden posts
had become deteriorated at the bottom and temporary metal posts were installed in an effort to keep the porch
from collapsing.  The heavy handrails and turned balusters had completely rotted away in some areas and the
beams supporting the floors sustained heavy damage as well.  The railings were removed, the floor timbers replaced
and the wooden posts repaired or replaced.  New handrails, balusters and cedar decking were fabricated and
installed returning the veranda to its original glory.
These photos show years
of roof leaks and nesting
birds had taken its toll on
the arched porch rack and
trim at the second story
porch.  The recessed
panels had become loose
causing voids and allowing
the unwanted guests to
build nests inside the
arches.  The missing trim
was replaced and the
porch rack restored to a
sound and weather tight
The above photos show the foliated carvings over the front porch windows were determined to be too
deteriorated to be salvaged.  The original carvings were taken down and the many layers of paint removed
so that the intricate details could be exposed and incorporated into the new replicated carvings.  Reclaimed
vintage poplar was used to create an exact match of the originals.
Above photos show before and after photos of the ornate wood trim at the south facade.  The trim was
meticulously removed, stripped of the of the lead based paint, restored to a sound state using wood narder
and fillers were necessary and re-installed in its original position.  The cornice is 42" tall from top to bottom
and has 23 different trim profiles present.  75% of the original trim was salvaged and restored.